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Happy new year and belated merry Christmas
Published: December 28, 2006

A very very (early) happy new year to all and belated merry Christmas

Well, it seems like yesterday when I thought the year 2006 started, and now here I am writing this entry for 2007. Time really doesn’t let you understand its fleeting nature.

Do you have any plans for the new year?

I have many boring personal new year resolutions, but as far as skinning is concerned I am very excited about all the new possibilities that will come with Windows Vista (to be released in 2007). To be fair, right now I have no idea how I’ll go about skinning the Aero GUI, but once I switch over to Vista I’ll dig deeper into what’s possible to do with it and what’s not. Until that time I’ll stick to skinning the XP GUI

An update for Tener VS is on its way so stay tuned.

Once again a very happy new year to everyone.

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Cool resources of the month
Published: October 12, 2006

Color Scheme Generator 2

I am sure you have seen many web-based and desktop based colour scheming applications that help web designers choose decent colour schemes for their web design projects.

Color Scheme Generator 2 is one of the best web-based colour schemes out there. It has a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface combined with a good many options to customise your scheme to the hilt. Definitely worth a try!

Color Scheme Generator 2

Photoshop brushes

An excellent resource for Photoshop brushes. All the brushes are properly categorised unlike some of the other sites where they have huge unsorted lists of brushes looking at which alone makes me dizzy. You can also view a sample image of every brush set before downloading. 10x from me!

Check out yourself

Digital Photography tips and lessons

If you are into photography and still need to master the basic techniques to produce highly professional photographs, this place is for you. A great list of articles that deal with many issues such as Panoramas, Black and White Photography, Landscape Photography, Photography Poses and much more!

Photography Tips and Articles

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BLOGTranslation feature
Published: October 6, 2006
EmailI recently discovered, while viewing my access logs, that many visitors use Google translation service to read Graphic Canvas in their own language. Being the hospitable host that I am I decided to add one-click translation functionality in the pages for my non-English speaking visitors. It’s easy, just click the flag of your country to translate the page and start browsing! When you click the links to other pages they are automatically translated and served to you.If you are interested in adding this feature to your own website/weblog follow these simple instructions.First copy this code snippet.Now paste in notepad (or a text/code editor of your choice) to make some modifications.Update the flag images code with your own URLs. Simply right click the above flag images one by one and save to your hard disk, then upload them on one of the image hosting services such as Imageshack or host on your own web space. When done replace all “Flag image” occurrences with your own relevant image code.That’s all. Now paste the code in your document where you want the flags to appear.Thanks to Donutey for code and flag images.

Happy Translating!

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GUI Championship and my entry
Published: September 13, 2006
EmailAs some of you may know third bi-annual GUI Championship (previously called GUI Olympics) has started. It is a competition between skinners for producing the best skin for specified apps, this time you can design skins for WindowBlinds and IconPackager and the third category is that of Wallpapers.Submissions have already started and, obviously, Wallpapers has started rolling in since it is the easiest category.They also have some intriguing prizes for the winners but most people do not enter for money or an Xbox 360, it’s recognition they are after, to some it’s a matter of ego.. but for me, it’s just plain fun. Only one participant holds the trophy but others must enjoy being a part of the contest and enjoy the competition while it lasts.I also plan to enter with my WindowBlinds entry. Below is a sneak preview of a theme in progress.For more info on GUI Championship visit its official website

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deviantART v5 for better or for worse?
Published: August 8, 2006
EmailDeviantArt on its sixth birthday has launched a new layout deviantART v5. Looks pretty and all from the first impression with contrasting dark and light versions of popular DA colour, a VERY good design for sure. But as most other people I feel kind of annoyed at this sudden change, it’s like you left home for work at morning and when you returned in the evening, expecting it to be the same as you left it, the whole interior of your house had completely changed, now you can’t find your wardrobe and your reading table! and you wander around your house like a stranger.Here are the pros and cons of new layout I can think of off the top of my head.Pros

  • More beautiful.
  • More streamlined.


A lot of new buttons have emerged ‘for subscribers only’ so I guess life is going to be hard for non-subscribers with the new layout.

Daily Deviations (featured art) used to be given a lot of exposure which made the artist’s efforts worthwhile. The first thing I noticed while exploring the new layout was that it no longer displays the featured art in the sidebar (well there is no sidebar anymore) and the only place dedicated for the DD’s is the bottom of the DA’s start page.

You can no longer see what new messages your message centre contains, so you have to use an extra click to know how your social relations are coming along.

Categories button is almost hidden on Browse page, took me quite a while to find it.

That was a little review after just having a look-see on the new layout. I’ll add to the pros and cons as I explore further.

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Website changes
Published: August 2, 2006
EmailHello and SalamTime for a few changes again. I have decided to dedicate a part of this website to my personal ‘opinions’ (rants?) I was going to buy a new domain but then decided against it, for one thing I am too lazy and maintaining so many sites and updating them with fresh content and stuff requires a lot of effort and free time and I am hard pressed for both ;-)I’ll try sticking to the topics that are related to this site but don’t be surprised if I throw in something completely off topic once in a while.

Other changes include removal of ‘forum’ and ‘login/register’ sections. The forum required some serious dedication and time to become ‘busy’ and no one was interested in posting on forums anyway so I gave it up as a bad job.

In a few days, I am going to start another section where I’ll post links to my favourite Themes, Wallpapers, Icons etc. and update them frequently. That’d be fun.

That’s all for now, shall be back later when I have something worthwhile to say.